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Service Beyond Cost

At what price?

It is interesting how often ‘cost’ is queried so early in a relationship, as it presumes that the customer knows all about a company and is convinced that they can offer nothing beyond lowering their cost price?  This is a common misconception, and one that can be easy to overcome.

Customers need to be shown a totally different approach. First of all, if they are looking for a change, it is important to understand why, and if they are looking for something extra, what would that be?

24/7 Call out service
Would the customer like a guaranteed emergency service? If their existing supplier is for arguments sake 25% cheaper, but cannot deliver for 2-3 days, what is the true cost of lost production set against someone who can deliver within 24 hours?

When manufacturers who have found themselves in a breakdown situation, no spare belt on site and a product to deliver to their customer the following day, are they geared up to respond to this difficult situation?

Having stock on hand
Holding large stocks of material on site, means producing a replacement belt in a matter of hours and having a new belt ready for collection by the time the customer arrives on site to collect it. Also working closely with a select group of shipping companies means in many cases belts and presses can be personally delivered to site. Now what would that normally cost you?

Bespoke products built to fit – with so many options to choose from
It is important to tailor products to customer’s individual requirements, after all, what works for one may not be correct for the next. And being backed up by a technical sales team with many years’ experience in this industry is priceless. With the correct and relevant information to hand, then the right product and size can easily be recommended, it just takes a bit of time and investment in your customer to fully understand their needs.

Customer satisfaction at the forefront – you will wish you had found them sooner
The end result of Hardiflons “Customer First” approach is a loyal and satisfied customer base which is growing year on year – understanding and reacting quickly and efficiently – and not as a result of them necessarily being the cheapest in the market!

Please visit their website at or follow them on LinkedIn to find more about the products and services on offer, or contact them direct on [email protected] or +44 (0) 1327 702222.