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Artisan Baking Perfected

Our 2016 Bakery of the Year, La Brea Bakery, introduced artisan bread to Los Angeles back in 1989 and then brought it to the nation – this is the true beauty of artisan efficiency perfected. See full article here

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Food Regulation in a Post-Brexit world

On 23 June 2016 the UK voted to leave the European Union. This has left the country in turmoil, and it is difficult to predict just how far-reaching the effects will be. Will it have a long-term impact on the economy? Possibly. Will there be another Scottish independence referendum? It looks likely. Will Northern Ireland […]

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Food Manufacture Excellence Awards

These awards have been running for 16 years. They reward outstanding performance and innovation in manufacturing businesses of all sizes and across all sectors from beverages and bakery to dairy and chilled. These awards are guaranteed industry-wide recognition; positive customer attention and a huge team celebration for the business. Read more about the awards

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Mondelēz acquires licence to produce Cadbury-branded biscuits and HIGH SPEED TORTILLA SHEETING

Cadbury owner Mondelēz International has bought the licence to produce Cadbury-branded biscuits from UK manufacturer Burton’s Biscuit Company. The licence enables Mondelēz to manufacture, market and sell Cadbury-branded biscuits including Cadbury Fingers and Cadbury Animals around the world, including in the UK, France, Ireland, North America and Saudi Arabia. Tortilla experts note that sheeted and […]

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